the method of measuring the temperature in the thermometre;
28 November, 2021

the method of measuring the temperature in the thermometre;


Methods of using the thermometer in measuring temperature there is a thermometer that has the ability to measure temperature from different sides such as armpits, through the anus or oral, which is the usual method, and therefore can start measuring body temperature through the mouth, and if it rises we advise you to try the rest of the ways to check the right temperature.

We advise you not to use a thermometer made of glass because it contains mercury, which causes poisoning as soon as it touches the body or hand, thus eliminating the thermometer containing a glass body and replacing it with another medical thermometer.

When purchasing a thermometer, consider the thermometer containing a wide handle and a good tip that can hardly be inserted into the anus, and is from a reliable and quality place.

When is each method of temperature measurement is used?

  • Oral for older children and adults are not used for infants because it is difficult to control the holding of the thermometers in their tongues like adults.

  • Underarm thermometers are not preferred to be used with infants or young people because they are not specific and do not give accurate results, and therefore can be relied upon if the child is large or as a single method and then rely on other appropriate methods.

  • Anus thermometer is a very suitable method for infants because it is very high resolution and very accurate to recognize the right temperature.


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