Hoffmann Voltmeter | Water electrolysis
05 January, 2021

Hoffmann Voltmeter | Water electrolysis

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Water electrolysis:It is the process of breaking down a water molecule into oxygen and hydrogen. By passing an electric current, which contributes to the separation of water components.Importance of the water electrolysis process:Due to the scarcity of energy sources, the increase in their prices, and their pollution of the environment; Scientists are searching for energy means with less environmental impact. Hydrogen is considered an important and clean energy source, so scientists have tended to extract it from water.Voltmeter Hoffmann water electrolysis device:It is a device invented by the scientist August Hoffmann in 1866, to carry out the process of electrolysis of water, as the device may consist of three cylinders connected to each other, which sometimes may be made of glass, as the middle cylinder may be open from the top to add more water, Or any ionic compound to increase electrical conductivity.

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