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why newton is the measuring unit of weight ?
25 November, 2021

why newton is the measuring unit of weight ?


Isaac Newton

(The apple incident)

Thanks to the recognition of weight and his study to the world Newton, where Newton stated that he came inspiration by formulating his theory of gravity after watching an apple fall from a tree and although some saw that the story of the apple is only a myth,

He did not come up with his theory of gravity in a single moment, but some of Newton's confidants, such as William Stockley, confirmed the incident, but not as is common that the apple fell on his head, and William Stockley recorded in his book, The Life of Sir Isaac Newton, a conversation with Newton.

We went to the park, to drink tea under the shade of some trees just him and me. In the dialogue, he told me that in such a case he came up with the idea of the concept of gravity, saying, "Why does the apple always fall vertically to the ground?

Then he said to himself, "Why don't you fall aside or go up?"

If things attract each other, they must be commensurate with their size. The apple attracts the earth, and the earth attracts the apple!

John Condict, Newton's assistant at the Royal Mint and Newton's nephew's husband, described the event when he wrote about Newton's life.

«In 1666 he left Cambridge again to go to his mother in Lincolnshire. As he wandered the park, he came up with the idea that the force of gravity (which attracted an apple from the tree to earth) was not limited by a certain distance from the earth but extended beyond what we imagined.


He told himself why it does not reach the moon and if so, it must affect its movement and may make it committed to movement in its orbit...!

Studies and researches have varied until we have shown the comprehensive concept of weight as the force of attraction of the earth to the body, a method to determine the amount of a substance, units or standard weights vary from one substance to another when measured some of them are intended for small, light or precious weights, including what is for the approximate determination of the material.



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