All you need to know about the Flappy competition
12 January, 2021

All you need to know about the Flappy competition

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The Vlaby educational platform is the first platform in the Arab world for virtual laboratories, so that you can do laboratory experiments on the Internet through the platform and all you need for that is a computer and an Internet connection only.

The platform recently announced an educational competition in the subject of science, in which students will compete by conducting educational experiments online before a jury of science experts.

What is the aim of the competition?

Students reviewing the practical course in science

Developing students' skills in using virtual laboratory technology

Training on presentation skills, presentation and public speaking

The competition will be held in one day on the Zoom app, so that each of the participating students will present and explain a practical experience within 3 minutes in front of his colleagues and before the jury.

Students will receive a set of exercises to help them use the Flappy platform and interact with the Zoom app.

All participants will receive certificates of appreciation and points with a value of 100 points, and the winners will also receive certificates of appreciation for their positions with a total of 500 points.

The student competition to conduct science experiments online at the virtual Flappy labs on Saturday, January 16, and it is worth noting that this competition is for the middle school only, and a similar competition will be held in the second term of the primary and secondary levels.

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