An Experience Mitochondria
21 March, 2024

An Experience Mitochondria


the goal:

Inference: Cells use food or sugar to produce energy. 

Note the mitochondria in different cells.

Materials and tools:

Listed equipment - 2% glucose solution - resealable plastic bag - small weights - glass beaker - water bath at 37 degrees Celsius


1. Put a quantity of glucose solution in the plastic bag

2. Add the weights to the bag and close it tightly

3. Place the bag in the glass beaker, then put the beaker in the water bath and leave it for some time

4. Open the bag and add a quantity of yeast, then close it again

5. Place the bag in the listed equipment for some time and observe the change in water level.


 The water level decreases due to yeast consumption.


 We can infer that a reaction occurred between yeast and glucose, resulting in the production of carbon dioxide bubbles and yeast consumption. This indicates that yeast uses mitochondria to produce energy from glucose.

Experiment for yourself with Vlaby Virtual lab platform


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