an experience Thomas Young's double slit
27 November, 2023

an experience Thomas Young's double slit


the goal:

To study the phenomenon of light interference.

Materials and tools:

Monochromatic light source - double slit screen - narrow aperture screen - Hail


1- Place the light source on the lab bench.

2- Place the single-slot screen in front of the light source.

3- Put the double slit barrier in front of it and now put the barrier.

4- Turn on the light source and see what happens.


We notice that there are bright areas interspersed with dark areas on the barrier.


The superposition of light waves emanating from two interconnected sources results in a strengthening of the light intensity in some places, namely the luminous fringes, and the lack of light intensity in other places, namely the dark fringes. This phenomenon is called the interference of light.

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