water distiller
28 November, 2021

water distiller


What is a water distillery, a lot of people want to buy this device and others want to work at home, it has a lot of uses that it does such as irrigation processes that must be available for agricultural land, it is also used in the separation processes of some

.chemicals and has many other uses that we may address in this article

Introducing distillation

·        Distillation aims to sequester many chemicals on a separate level, depending on the boiling point of each substance, where this distillation process is based on the evaporation of a group of ingredients mixed with each other,

·        This mixture consists of water and another substance that we want to separate from the water, and this is done through

evaporation of water and getting the other substance .

What is a waterproof distillery

·        The idea of the device working is to work at a certain temperature and can not be done by electricity, can be purchased or worked at very low cost, nor is it used by many individuals,

·        The method of use is simple and easy as a little water is placed in its tube because it cools it down, and many do not prefer it because it is easy to destroy.

·        Distillation steps

·        Isolating two substances with water components by:

·        The device distills by placing water under a certain temperature, where the device has two exits, the first through which the water that has been distilled and the other from which the water that reaches a certain temperature is crossed.

·        It is also used in many separations such as its constituent petroleum elements, natural gas elements, salt water or rather seawater.

·        We also discussed information about the distillation device made of glass only, so most people do not prefer to use it in their separation processes, especially if the weight of the mixture is large, this glass device is easy to break and break and is also


Metal distillery

This device consists of several elements: two columns: they express the heater, and it heats the device from the inside, and the two columns from the outside contain an electric current through which this device is operated.

*  Water output: The process of taking the condensed water out of its tube is performed so that the device's action plan is not thwarted from a distillation.

*  Tap: An entrance through which water can enter.

*  Distillation exit: It is the area from which the water exits where all the water distilled in the machine is discharged.

*     Cover: It intensifies the device's degree of protection, protecting it from all shocks that may occur from time to time while working.

·        The features of the metal distillery device vary the cost of this device from the cost of the glass device in stages.

·        Many materials can be placed to separate them within this device, so it is expensive.

·        This device has two important elements to work with: speed and accuracy at the same time..

How to use a metal distillery

·        Placed vertically, head near a water faucet and placed over a basin for the discharge process that is done to the water outside the device.

·        The availability of a faucet in this device can be connected to a set of pipes on one side and connect to the other with a normal water faucet.

·        Another tube is attached to the exit to get rid of cold water.

·        The water faucet is turned on to flow water through the tube and reach the permitted limit.

·        Close the water well after making sure the water reaches the permitted level and turning on the device electrically.

·        A large-sized tube is placed through which water distilled through the device will be released.

·        After the water distillation process is completed, everything must be returned to its place as it was before the device was turned on and the power must be disconnected from it..

Problems with the metal device

·        You may experience a lot of problems when using this type of device, such as:

·        When you turn on this device, you may notice it is not working.

·        Do not exit distilled water in his own stage.

·        Note that there is a steam leak in this device.

·        Solutions to all device-related problems

If you have trouble running the device and not working it, follow:

·        Make sure the device's electrical wire reaches the electrical current.

·        Make sure the wires inside the device's plug are safe and also from the main electrical wire.

·        Make sure the column acts as a heat heater and how safe it is.

·        Also make sure the molten one protects the device.


If you have a problem with the distillation process and the water that has been distilled from it is not released, and this has been observed after operating the device and reaching the distillation stage, you should follow the following:

·        Make sure all pipes are connected to the outside.

·        The water entered must reach the device at a certain level, which is to be higher than the two columns of the heating process.

·        The heating columns inside the device must be clean.

If you notice that vapor is leaking out of the device, follow the following:

·        Make sure all the device's belongings are available and that everything is in place especially the rubber that should be

placed under this device. Make sure the device cover is intact and whether it needs maintenance or not.

Basic specifications of the distillery

There are many devices for the distillation process, but in this article we will present all the specifications contained in the distillation device in general and not in a particular device, but the devices that work highly efficiently and these specifications include:

·        Water entering the device capable of cooling must be available for at least 40 hours continuously and never cease to be released from the device.

·        Other devices operate for at least 120 or 80 hours depending on how the device works and also according to the distillation process itself and the number of hours it requires to cool the water.

·        Difference in capacity sizes of the device for water distillation, as it may reach 12, 4 or 8 liters.

·        The device's tank capacity sizes vary, up to 24, 8 or 16 liters.

·        The security element must be available within the device and also contain all security elements such as thermostat.

·        The internal suit of the device should be of stainless steel and is preferred to be non-rustable that may occur to iron or poor types of stainless steel.


Distillery defects

·        In general, all devices may have some defects and are observed when operating this device as follows:

·        The device must be loaded correctly so that it does not occur, and when it occurs or collides strongly, this breaks it down. This distillation phase may amount to a very large number of hours to complete the distillation process.

·        A sudden malfunction of the device after use, i.e. when used for the second time, and the difference between the duration of the two uses may be very small, there are many reasons for the device to malfunction and all the places in it must be detected.

·        The need to leave large periods between his uses so as not to disrupt it. The need to examine the device internally in all places that can be disabled from it and to find a solution to this problem.


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