Vision defects
23 November, 2022

Vision defects


Vision defects

They are health problems facing the eye in general, and vision in particular, especially since vision defects are many and varied and do not depend on one defect only, but the most important thing is when any visual defect appears, you must go to the treating doctor quickly so that the matter can be rectified, and through this article Learn more about vision defects and ways to treat them.


It is the difficulty in seeing distant objects, and there are two types of myopia, namely axial myopia and refractive myopia


It differs from myopia, which is the difficulty in seeing close objects. Farsightedness is divided into two types: axial farsightedness and refractive farsightedness.

- astigmatism

It is one of the types of corneal aberrations, and it has many problems. It is the most common type of vision defect, especially since in many cases it may appear with myopia or farsightedness.


It is one of the types of vision defects, and it is a condition that means weak vision after the age of forty, through the difficulty of seeing fine details up close, while it needs to distance things from a distance in order to see clearly

-color blind

It is a term that means that a person has a defect that makes him lose the ability to see one of the following three colors: red, blue or green, or the color resulting from mixing them together, which is very rare.

The problems of vision defects are treated by eyeglasses, contact lenses, surgeries and laser operations

Here is a practical experience that illustrates the problem of vision defects to make it easier for students to understand through our website


You can watch the video of the experiment here before it starts



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