transpiration process
26 November, 2022

transpiration process


Water is essential for the survival of all living organisms in plants, and during the process of photosynthesis green plants convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen in the presence of sunlight to obtain the energy needed for growth and survival and oxygen that can be used as a basic reactant, in addition to Glucose, in the process of cellular respiration to release energy in plant cells.

Plants absorb water from the soil through their roots and return the water to the atmosphere through a process called transpiration

The process of transpiration can be described as the loss of water by evaporation from the leaves in plants to the atmosphere, where the water evaporates from very small pores in the epidermis of the leaves called stomata and are usually located on the underside of the leaf in order to reduce the loss of water significantly because excessive transpiration may harm the plant in particular If the amount of water evaporated from the leaves is greater than the amount of water the root can absorb

These stomata contain special structures that enable them to open or close, depending on specific conditions.

Transpiration is necessary for the life of the plant, as it allows the transfer of sugar and minerals dissolved in water, and its delivery to all parts of the plant, and it also contributes to the dissipation of heat resulting from exposure to direct sunlight and thus cooling plants

The process of transpiration is also important in the water cycle in nature, as it returns to the atmosphere a large amount of water that exceeds that resulting from the evaporation of rivers and lakes, and it is worth noting that removing plants from an area leads to soil retaining a lot of moisture, and its inability to absorb water rains, the surface runoff increases, and the soil loses many nutrients.

Here is a practical experiment that you can do that shows the process of transpiration in plants by clicking here

It is preferable to watch the video of the experiment here before starting to conduct it

And an experiment to prove the rise of water in the plant by the power of transpiration

It is preferable to watch the video of the experiment from here before starting it


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